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सनी लियोनी और उनके पति का प्राइवेट वीडियो हुआ वायरल, करोड़ों बार देखा गया

सनी लियोनी और उनके पति का प्राइवेट वीडियो हुआ वायरल, करोड़ों बार देखा गया

sunny leone

sunny leone

अभिनेत्री सनी लियोनी का एक वीडियो सोशल मीडिया पर तेजी से वायरल हो रहा है. वीडियो में सनी लियोनी के साथ उनके पति डेनिय वेबर भी साथ दिख रहे हैं.

सनी का ये वीडियो तेजी से वायरल हो रहा है. साल 2014 में हनी सिंह और सनी लियोनी का गाना चार बोतल वोदका रिलीज़ हुआ था. विवादों के बावजूद गाना दर्शकों के बीच हिट साबित हुआ था.

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Carol would take as little pain-killing medication as possible so that she had full access to her mental and emotional faculties. Then she would whisper into a tape recorder or to Sandra directly as she took notes. Carol was so proactive, so brave, and so concerned about others that she became an enormous source of inspiration to many people around her.

I’ll never forget the experience of looking deeply into Carol’s eyes the day before she passed away and sensing out of that deep hollowed agony a person of tremendous intrinsic worth. I could see in her eyes a life of character, contribution, and service as well as love, concern, and appreciation.

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Many times over the years, I have asked groups of people how many have ever experienced being in the presence of a dying individual who had a magnificent attitude and communicated love and compassion and served in unmatchable ways to the very end. Usually, about one-fourth of the audience respond in the affirmative. I then ask how many of them will never forget these individuals — how many were transformed, at least temporarily, by the inspiration of such courage, and were deeply moved and motivated to more noble acts of service and compassion. The same people respond again, almost inevitably.

Viktor Frankl suggests that there are three central values in life — the experiential, or that which happens to us; the creative, or that which we bring into existence; and the  attitudinal, or our response in difficult circumstances such as terminal illness.

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