New Habits, Master health check up

This new year let’s inculcate new habits. Taking big steps can seem very difficult but changing small habits which we usually neglect can help one make major lifestyle changes.

Master health check up

Undergoing a master health checkup once in 6 months can help us keep a tab on our health. They say prevention is better than cure. By undergoing regular check-ups can help reduce health problems and this ultimately can help reduce major health expenses

No spending days

Commit yourself to no spending days. Pick a day of the week and make sure you spend nothing on that day. This practice can slowly be increased from one day a week to one week a month. This will help you to control your spending habits.

Cut down on impulsive shopping

Cut down on impulsive shopping. Make a shopping list before you go shopping. Stick to the list and buy only what’s necessary. This will automatically help you reduce your spending.

Become healthy without going to a gym

Every year one pays for a gym membership but after a month they don’t continue it. The zeal to go to the gym reduces. Ultimately your gym membership goes to waste. Instead look for options to get healthy without going to the gym. Go out for a run or walk. Subscribe to the YouTube channels who suggest exercise to be done at home. You are getting healthy and also saving on the gym membership money.

Automate good habits

Start investing for your retirement if you haven’t already. Invest in mutual funds, retirements plans etc. by way of SIP where the monthly payments are automated.

Identify new financial goals, re-work on existing ones

As you grow in age the financial commitments and priorities keep changing and new responsibilities will be added. Identify the new ones, start working towards them. Also, work on the existing ones and see how far you are from reaching your goal and how are the investments doings. If they are underperforming then revise your investment strategy.

Analyze your bills from last year

Analyze your bills from last year. See where you are spending more money and where you can cut down on unnecessary expenses. Try reducing your basic expenses like electricity and water bills by using them optimally. Spend quality time with family by cooking with them instead of eating out a lot.

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