RIP Meaning in Death

People write RIP when a person dies. You too may have written this at some time, but do you know its full form? you can also check this RIP Meaning in Gujarati article. 

As the world of internet is getting bigger, the words are also getting smaller. It means to say that nowadays people are starting to use Short Form more and more on social media like Facebook, WhtasApp, Instagram etc. 

RIP Meaning in Death
RIP Meaning in Death

Your friends on the Internet use fresh new words daily and it is important for you to know the meaning of these words and one of these is RIP. If you do not know RIP meaning, then this post is written so that you can understand it.

RIP Meaning in Death

The letters R.I.P are typically interpreted as standing for “rest in peace

The use of these letters on tombstones, however, dates back tobefore modern English was a common language. So where do these letters come from?

The Latin words Recquiescat in Pacem translate to more or less “Rest in peace.

So despite what is so commonly stated as the meaning of these letters, they do not come from the English language, but rather honour the dead through a language which itself is called dead.

RIP word is used mostly by Christians because they don’t burn the dead bodies but bury them. It is a phrase which is commonly written on the graves of Catholics to wish them eternal rest in peace when they died and is called Rest in Peace because we know that it’s like their resting when people die. A similar phrase is found in the book of Isaiah. In their belief that God will judge the Living objects on judgment day; till then the body must rest in peace.

The expression is generally appeared on headstones as RIP or R.I.P. It is also used as a pray for a soul to find eternal peace after death. In the 18th century, it became common on the tombs of Catholics, for whom it was a prayerful request that their soul should find peace in the afterlife. The term is mostly used in Christian religion and no other religion uses this. RIP is used in different ways like i.e. Rest in peace (mostly peeps use rip for this reason only) and Return if possible.

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