Talati BHARTI New UPDATE 2019

Talati BHARTI New UPDATE 2019

Talati BHARTI New UPDATE 2019 khaali jagya vishe maahiti maagavto letter

talati mantri
talati mantri

Panchaayt vibhag ma vividh kedar Ni bharti vishe maahiti maagaavi Che Sarkaar shri e tuk samay ma ja..

  • Compaundar 
  • Naayb chitnis 
  • Vistarn adhikaari 
  • Talati
  • Mphw
  • Msevika
  • Leb tekneshiyan

Uparant Biji Ghani jagya o Ni Bharti mate maahiti mangaavI Che

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If you value a relationship and the issue isn’t really that important, you may want to go for lose-win in some circumstances to genuinely affirm the other person. “What I want isn’t as important to me as my relationship with you. Let’s do it your way this time.” You might also go for lose-win if you feel the expense of time and effort to achieve a win of any kind would violate other higher values. Maybe it just isn’t worth it.

There are circumstances in which you would want to win, and you wouldn’t be highly concerned with the relationship of that win to others. If your child’s life were in danger, for example, you might be peripherally concerned about other people and circumstances. But saving that life would be supremely important.

The best choice, then, depends on reality. The challenge is to read that reality accurately and not to translate win-lose or other scripting into every situation.

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